Pieter & Joeri – Hardwearing

Pieter Peulen (22) and Joeri Evers (21) are two creative young men, living together in Antwerp. Pieter is a talented interior designer, currently studying at VOMO. Joeri is an interactive multimedia design student. Not only are they a happy couple but they are also the creative minds behind HARDWEARING. “We started our blog to create […]

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Jerald Saw – Photographer

Jerald Saw (19) is a photographer, living in Singapore. He didn’t have any education in photography, but has an eye for it. He’s currently studying advertising communications, which pushed him further in his photography journey. “My favourite photo is the one I’m going to take tomorrow.” Jerald is very humble about his talent. As he […]

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Lisa Buzzoni – Global Citizen

Lisa Buzzoni (24) is an Italian woman who definitely caught the travel bug. She grew up in a little village surrounded by the countryside in the north east of Italy. When she was born, her parents were at the top of their careers and thus, she spent her childhood and adolescence with her granny, which […]

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Caitlin Soetendal – New Face

Caitlin (14) is a talented model who lives in Katwijk aan Zee (The Netherlands), close the sandy beaches and the windy North Sea shores. She has already achieved a lot and we believe there is way more to come for this young lady! Her journey started in a serendipitous moment when she was only 12 […]

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Raia Maria Laura – Photographer

Raia Maria-Laura (18) is a talented photographer, currently studying audiovisual education at Pikoh (Provinciale Kunsthumaniora Hasselt). She is perfectly bilingual (Dutch/French). Next year, she’s planning to study Photography at St Lucas School of Arts in Brussels (Belgium). Raia Maria-Laura’s interest in photography started at the age of 12, when she had asked Santa Claus for […]

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